Why Huggee

why_huggee5 “These are the best of times and the worst of times”. This wonderful saying could not be any truer.  Parents, Grandparents, Friends and relatives now more than ever are fighting so hard to stay in contact with the ones they love.  The economy in the state it is has now caused over 80% of mothers to join the work force. Retiree’s also now have to come out of retirement. There is less time for us to be able to give our children, parents, relatives and friends the much needed love and attention we all so deserve.

I know the guilt I feel when I cannot always be there for the ones I love. The great news is we have a wonderfully heartwarming affordable fun-loving way to ease this issue. Whether it be a girl or a boy, adult or a child, does not matter! HUGGEE MISS YOU™ is for ANYONE you love. Now your loved ones can not only see you but HUGG you as much as they want. Added bonus: Your loved ones can HEAR you too!  Super bonus: You can have your/their HUGGEE MISS YOU™ customized with their name-your name-saying “I LOVE YOU”or ANYTHING you wish. So now your loved ones can see, hear and read your loving message.

about_us_dollMy Nana who is turning 100 years old this December of 2009 LOVES her HUGGEE MISS YOU™ so much that she “sells” them to everyone in her Assisted Living Residence! One Hundred Years Old and walking around with her “family” at all times. With her eyesight now going she plays our loving ten second messages over and over. Nana has many all over her apartment now representing grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

College bound friends of my sons LOVE their HUGGEE MISS YOU™’S. It is their first time away from home and excited as they are they were scared until they got their ‘HUGGS’!

Giving birth – What a great way to put the picture in of your beautiful new baby. I love to give one to the new Grandparents also and to the big brother/sister who is home missing Mommy while she is giving birth.

Charities – So many wonderful charitable organizations have used HUGGEE MISS YOU™ not only as a fantastic way to raise monies for their causes but also have been able to receive BIG sponsors and/or grants to be able to purchase their own custom HUGGEE MISS YOU™. This not only helps children and adults in their field of charity but also to promote their charity.

Companies – Many corporations from small to Fortune 100 have ordered HUGGEE MISS YOU™ to donate to their favorite charities or to give out at events. HUGGEE MISS YOU™ is the ONLY one of it’s kind and not only because of it’s uniqueness does it help your clients remember where they got their “HUGG” but because it is great for any age, any gender, any race. You can literally use it for any corporate event. Let HUGGEE MISS YOU™ help brand your products and company..

GIVE A HUG PROGRAM– We have so many who love HUGGEE MISS YOU™ and we have so many charities that need HUGGEE MISS YOU™ that we can donate one, two, fifty, whatever amount you wish in Honor of Loving Memory of someone you love.  We do all the work. You get the joy out of giving a Huggs To Go™! 

whyhuggee3Why Huggee?
Here are just some more or our reasons why we know you need a HUGG. What’s yours? We would love to know. Email us.

Camp, Preschool, Daycare, College, Nursing Homes, Death, Divorce, Illness, Giving Birth, Big Sister/Big Brother, Special Needs, Grandparents, Separation Anxiety, Starting Kindergarten, Party Favors, Fundraising, Branding your product, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Mother’s Day, Father’ Day, Stocking Stuffer, Get Well present, Support Breast Cancer, Even just going out on a Saturday night give your child you to hug that night!!

HUGGEE MISS YOU™-Because you cannot always be there for the one’s you love.