Huggable Picture Frame

The HUGGEE MISS YOU Photo Doll Is Like a Huggable Picture Frame!

We hold our pictures close to our hearts – and our squeezable, loveable HUGGEE MISS YOU dolls are like huggable picture frames you can carry around. At Huggs to Go, we know how hard it to when our loved ones are away, and how much we want to hug and squeeze them. That’s why our HMY’s do double duty: a great HUGG everyone will love with a bonus of having a plush stuffed picture frame to HUGG all day”!

A Recordable Stuffed Picture Frame that Makes a Great Gift!

The HUGGEE MISS YOU recordable dolls make terrific gifts for our loved ones close and far away. Because they’re so plush, they’re excellent for:

  • College Kids
  • Children’s nurseries
  • Nursing homes
  • Get-well-soon gifts for loved ones in the hospital
  • Military moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters
  • Bedtime buddies for kids who need a little extra something to hold onto at night
  • Girlfriends and Boyfriends of all ages
  • Husbands and Wives
  • Grandparents adore having and giving a HMY
  • Special needs customers love love love their HUGGS
  • Preschools and Daycare Centers
  • Pets love them too!

Our photo dolls come in a variety of colors and prints – perfect for any recipient. There’s a plastic, bendable photo slot for pictures, making it the ultimate huggable picture frame. Every HMY is made of 100% cotton and all non recordable’s are machine washable and dryer safe. Suggest in a pillow case to protect hair. ALL HMY’S are stain resistant, SPOT CLEANABLE, color safe and hypo-allergenic. You can have the added fun of having your stuffed picture frame record any 10+ second fun or loving message right into the recorder that is built in! At HUGGS TO GO, we make sure your love is easy and fun as you can call and record your message right over the phone into your doll and email us your picture which we will print out and laminate and put in your HMY FREE OF CHARGE!! Now you can ship your HUGGEE MISS YOU, all ready to be loved directly to your loved one at the same cost, NO ADDED FEES!! We make loving so easy to do!!

A squeezable, soft picture frame doll makes a wonderful gift at any time of year. Let Huggee help you give out hugs even when you’re not around! For more information about our plush picture frame or to ship a recordable doll across the nation or across the sea, CONTACT US today!

Make YOUR company or organization stand out and let us CUSTOMIZE YOUR VERY OWN HUGGEE MISS YOU!! Call for details today!!