Mommy Dolls: Perfect Dolls for Preschoolers

Personalized Photo Dolls For On the Go Huggs

Is your child missing mom at preschool? Is your little one needing of comfort because of separation anxiety whether it’s due to  attending school for the first time, going to camp, a divorce, military service, a maternity or  hospital stay and more?

That’s where Huggee Miss You Dolls come into play! Huggs to Go’s personal mission is to help brighten a child’s day with personalized comfort dolls meant to remind a little one of someone he or she loves and is missing.

Mommy Dolls Are Just Like Mom!

It’s normal for children to miss their mothers, even if it’s just to attend a morning preschool program. Separation anxiety is a common transition period for toddlers, preschoolers and children of all ages, and it does pass. .But why not make it a little easier on your kiddo, with our Mommy Dolls meant to sound and look just like the real thing: you!

Our personalized 12″ Huggable comfort dolls are:

  • Customizable! We have over 20 different designs choices for you to fall in love with
  • Photo-Ready: You can insert a picture into our clear 2″ x 3″ pocket that is over an adorable embroidered face.
  • Recordable: Personalize a message for your child easily by recording over the phone or computer. AMAZING feature: Your message cannot be erased if you do not want it to. You can re-record over and over as many times as you like

Let’s face it: There’s no one like mom, but our dolls for preschoolers can be the next best thing. Order a Huggee Miss You Doll today and bring joy to your child today!